As you prepare for our event, take a few tips from us on participating in our virtual 5K.

So, you signed up for our first virtual 5K, now what?  A virtual event is really the same as an in-person event except, you don’t have to get up before the sun, drive to the start line, mix and mingle with several hundred of your new best buds or wait in the porta potty lines!  A virtual event is different, but the training shouldn’t be.

Hopefully the following 10 tips will assist in setting you up for a Virtual WIN on race day!

  • Set a goal.  Start with the end in mind.  If your only goal is to sign up for the AMCP Foundation virtual 5K you can cross this off your first quick win!  If you want to achieve a certain time, then determine that time, write it down and train for it. Setting a goal keeps you motivated. 
  • Create a training plan. How many days a week?  What is your current mileage?  If it’s at least one day a week for 3 miles you can cross this off your list too—another quick win!  However, if you are new to running, we suggest starting slow and being consistent. How many days a week can you run?

Feel free to tweak the following sample training plan so that it works for you:   

Week 1:  ½ mile 3 days a week with 1 mile on Sat. or Sunday

Week 2:  1 mile 3 days a week with 1.5 miles on Sat. or Sunday

Week 3:  1.5 miles 3 days a week with 2 miles on Sat. or Sunday

Week 4:  2 miles 3 days a week with 2.5 miles on Sat. or Sunday

Week 5:  3 miles 3 days a week with 3.1 miles on Sat. or Sunday

  • Schedule it. Schedule an appointment with yourself, write it on your calendar and keep your appointment! 
  • Where will you run? Are you a treadmill or outdoor runner? Find a course that’s convenient to get to, that you’ll enjoy running on and that keeps you motivated to get out and run!  If a treadmill is your thing, go for it, just make it fun and motivational!
  • Access your nutrition. Determine which foods power you up or drag you down. Are you staying hydrated? Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water or a sports beverage.
  • Check out your shoes and running attire. Do you need new shoes?  How do your run clothes fit?  Visit a running store and try on several pairs of shoes and take a run in them to make sure they’re the right ones. Trust your instincts…. just like people, you’ll know if they’re the right ones for you!  Remember, it’s worth the investment to be well supported.
  • Recruit an accountability partner. In person is great but virtual works too. You want someone that will hold you to your plan, encourage you and keep you motivated!
  • Visualize! Visualize crossing the finish line, achieving your goal, having fun while training and enjoying the experience. Visualization will go a long way in keeping you motivated during training days!
  • Need a little extra motivation?  We all need motivation… it’s been a year of social distancing, not traveling, seeing friends or family, and missing the in-person AMCP Foundation 5K! For those looking to up your game, finish times for the 2019 AMCP Foundation 5K For the Future female and male finishers respectively were Rachelle Yang 20:07 and Andrew Spargo 18:44. 2020 run times are available too.
  • Celebrate! Yay you…YOU did it!  How are you going to celebrate? Planning your celebration in advance will give you something to look forward to and keep you on pace to your own 1st place!

Stay Connected! Share your 5K journey on social media using the hashtags #AMCPFdn and #AMCP2021.

Be sure to join us for Coach’s Corner from 12:30 – 1 pm on Tues. and Wed., April 13 and 14 at AMCP 2021 for virtual pre-race and race day tips!

Always remember, You Can Do This!